Small changes bring results
By media release
Jan 10, 2017
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Do you feel the time has come to make some changes in your life? You want to have more energy, take less medicine, sleep better at night? You donít need to turn your life upside down. Start with small changes you can build into your daily routine.
Exercise? In the past, you may have joined a gym or bought an expensive exercise machine sure that it would motivate you.  Before long clothes were hanging on the exercise machine that had been pushed into some corner and your excuses for missing the gym were ever present.

Instead of that, spend just 10 minutes a day, at home, doing some simple stretches, squats, lifting some light weights or just dancing to some up-tempo music that you like. Take your kitchen timer, set it for 10 minutes and do something just for you!  No equipment set up, no trip in the car, just 10 minutes of activity.  If you have little ones at home, they will happily join right in. If you have teen-agers, go in your bedroom, your laundry room or anywhere with a door where you wonít be bothered and give it a try.

You wonít be exhausted. Your muscles wonít hurt but you will be smiling. Happy that you are doing something good for yourself. Activity encourages the brain to send out endorphins. These are the pleasure feelings that athletes feel when they exercise.  You will feel them too.

Remember, 10 minutes a day, every day, just for YOU.

Making something a habit takes time and repetition. Join us at Pounds Away on Wednesdays at 10 at Bonhamís First Baptist Church, (Center & 8th), Room 104. We meet weekly to encourage each other, track our progress and discuss the challenges we face. Youíll meet an informal group that will listen and offer real life ideas.

Check us out on Facebook at Pounds Away Bonham or call Louise at 903-961-2673.