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Ruiz 4 Kids awards $337 to teacher at B. McDaniel Intermediate
By media release
May 17, 2017
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Denison, Texas – The Ruiz 4 Kids Mini Grants 4 Teachers Program grants have been awarded and local fifth grade teacher Threasa Hallford from B. McDaniel Intermediate received $337 to help fund her project Hands on History.

“When studying history it is so important to help students make connections to the people and events, this helps them understand the significance of history. Ruiz 4 Kids supports our efforts in this by providing the opportunity for us to purchase items that will be used in various lessons-making history hands on and memorable,” said Hallford.

“We have asked ourselves he question ‘If I were to go back in time who would I have dinner with’ or ‘If I could experience a part of history, what era would I visit’ as a way to connect to our past. Reading about it in books is one experience and Ms. Hallford’s project helps her students experience on a completely different level,” said Ruiz 4 Kids Denison, Rebeckah Flanagan.