'A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times'
By Red River Unitarian Universalist Church
Jun 15, 2017
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Denison -- This Sunday the 11:15 Morning Assembly at Red River Unitarian Universalist Church will feature several members of the congregation speaking about a special four-week small group ministry program they attended during May.  The program, “A Call to Faith in Turbulent Times” was created by the Unitarian Universalist Association after last November’s general election as a way for people to learn to embrace and respect each other in a polarized nation, even though they may disagree.  The group felt the experience was sufficiently significant that they asked the Worship Team if they summarize the experience to the entire congregation.  They agreed to call their remarks “Elephants and Donkeys” and each will present a brief summary of their own takeaway from the class.  The morning will also include a brief video clip of a sermon delivered on December 31 last year by Valarie Kaur, founder of the Groundswell Movement, an award-winning filmmaker, civil rights lawyer, Sikh activist and interfaith leader who centers her work on storytelling for social change.  The program is open to all who wish to explore ways to find solace in turbulent times. 

The 10:00 a.m. Adult Forum will continue exploring the Great Course Series “Native Peoples of North America” with a video presentation, followed by a general discussion. 

The lay-led congregation at Red River Unitarian Universalist Church offers programs and worship experiences created to help people grow their soul and serve the world.  The church is located at 515 North Burnett Avenue in Denison.  Those who like to start their Sunday in a quiet, calming manner are invited to drop by the chapel at 9:00 a.m. for an hour of quiet meditation.