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Tom Bean City Council regular session July 10
By media release
Jul 9, 2017
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201 S. Britton St. Tom Bean, TX 75489

6:00p.m./Monday, July 10, 2017



1.    CALL TO ORDER - Call to order by the Mayor


2.    INVOCATION – Invocation by Duane Peters





Sherry E. Howard (Mayor)             

Lonnie M. Jones                 

Daniel Harrison

Ben Vincent (Mayor Pro-Tem)      

Brittany Melton                    

Dawson Nitcholas


5.    PUBLIC COMMENTS (Limited to five minutes per person.)


6.    REPORTS – Discussion Only

6.1    Report from Fire Department—Chief Jason Lankford

         Year to date runs, Grants, and equipment maintenance.

6.2    Report from Library Director – Roberta Bumpus

         Financials and Library statistics

6.3    Report from Court Clerk—Tammy Phillips

Fiscal Year Report and Activity Report.

6.4    Report from Police Department— Chief Tim Green

Police Department policies and procedures, Uniforms, Electronic devices, licensing paperwork, Department Inventory, and Employment opportunities.

6.5    Report from Utility Clerk – Helen Jump

               June Billing

6.6    Report from Public Works—Public Works Director Steve Dane

Water Pumpage, Leaks, Wastewater Plant, Repairs, Whitemound and Downtown Well.

6.7    Report from Mayor

Update on Holcombville grant, update on water well project, budget workshop scheduled for Monday, July 31st at 5:00 (General Fund) and 2nd budget workshop scheduled for Friday, August 4th at 5:00 (Water Fund), development activity in the city.


7.    CONSENT AGENDA (All consent agenda items are considered routine by City Council and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Councilmember requests an item be removed and considered separately.)

7.1 Minutes of the Regular Session meeting held June 12, 2017

      7.2    Financials for June 2017



8.1    Nominate and approve a new Mayor Pro-Tem.

8.2    Discuss and act upon approving Ordinance 2017-04 GTUA Bond Series 2017.

8.3    Discuss and act upon request from the Planning and Zoning Board to allow for a special use permit from Preston Cox to run a small business out of his shop at 215 W. Luby for small engines/motorcycle repairs.

8.4    Discuss and act upon request from the Planning and Zoning Board to allow a variance request from Chad Ashlock at 207 S. Lyon St.  He is asking to be allowed to build two brick homes with no garages, with a 20 ft. setback off of the corner lot of King and Lyon as well as a 20 ft. setback for 207 S. Lyon St.

8.5    Discuss and act upon request from the Planning and Zoning Board to establish a two car gravel driveway at 104 S. Eubank St. after enclosing garage.


9.   COUNCIL COMMENTS regarding recognition of community members, city employees, and upcoming events.