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Bonham ISD supports Columbia-Brazoria in wake of Hurricane Harvey
By Bonham ISD
Sep 9, 2017
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Two weeks ago our world was inundated with news stories of racial strife, terroristic threats, and constant battling between Democrats and Republicans each attempting to demonize the other.  It was, to me, exhausting to listen to all of the fighting and finger-pointing.  And, then Harvey came to Texas! And, in a few days, Harvey dropped more water on Texas than any recorded storm in history.  The devastation is beyond description.

Schools, teachers, and students were not spared by Harvey.  Therefore, Bonham ISD is stepping up to offer help.  I canít tell you if the people we are helping are White, African American or Hispanic.  I canít tell you if they are republicans or democrats, rich or poor, conservative or liberal.  I also cannot tell you if they are Christian or Muslim.  What I can tell you is they are children and, they are teachers! Both of these groups of people are close to my heart.  Please give as your heart dictates and we will attempt to make a difference in their world. 

Remember, this is Texas and thatís just what we do!

Dr. Beaty
Superintendent of Schools
Bonham ISD