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Scudder invites constituents to meet and greet in Bonham Sept. 14
By media release
Sep 12, 2017
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Dallas, Texas - Kendall Scudder, candidate for Texas Senate, District 2, invites constituents to join him for a Meet and Greet at Rolando’s Tex Mex Grill, 2201 Country Club Road, Bonham, Texas on September 14 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

 Scudder looks forward to hearing from Fannin County residents about what issues they feel are most important.

“I want to know what folks in Fannin County want our elected officials to work on during the next session of the Texas legislature,” the candidate said.

 Scudder hopes people use the meet and greet as an opportunity to get to know Kendall, ask questions and find out more about why he is running for the Texas Senate.

“The time for change in Texas is now. I am meeting with voters to hear your concerns. I’m tired of the out-of-touch politicians in Austin not representing what real Texans want. I want to meet with you to open up the dialogue and make sure that I will represent you.”

More information can be found on Scudder’s website or at the event Facebook page.
 Election Day for midterm elections falls on November 6, 2018. To learn more about Scudder’s positions on vital issues such as inadequate funding for veterans affairs and our crumbling infrastructure, as well as resources for families visit