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Property Tax Statements (Bills) for 2017 Tax Year
By Michael R. Jones, Chief Appraiser, Fannin Central Appraisal District
Oct 23, 2017
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Fannin County, Texas -- The collections phase of the tax calendar for 2017 has begun.  Property Tax Statements (Tax Bills) were mailed to all owners of property in Fannin County on October 6.  If you own property in Fannin County and have not received your bill by mid-October, please contact the Fannin Central Appraisal District’s collections department at 903-583-8701 to verify your account information and avoid possible delinquency.

Things you should know regarding your tax statement/bill

Bills are due upon receipt and will become delinquent on February 1, 2018.  It is important to timely pay your property tax bill and avoid these additional costs.  Delinquent taxes accumulate penalties and interest and may result in a lawsuit to collect.  Property owners are encouraged to open these statements sooner than later and be proactive in communicating any payment arrangements with the District’s collections staff.   

NOTE: The appraisal district uses the address indicated on the deed to send notices, bills and other mailings.  If the current owner’s actual mailing address is different from what is indicated on the deed, the owner has the responsibility to inform the appraisal district of the change in writing.  Simply go to our website at www.fannincad.org click the Contact Us tab and click the Change of Address Form.  Please do not let the simple process of updating your address keep you from being informed of important property tax matters.

Property owners with multiple accounts:  Paying property taxes on multiple accounts can be confusing.  Owners of multiple accounts are responsible for ensuring they have reconciled all of their properties with all of their bills prior to making payment.  Owners of multiple properties often have different names on the accounts. Some accounts may be in a company name, a trust or in various forms of a name (such as J. Smith, John Smith, and Jonathan Smith etc.).  Some owners have differing mailing addresses as well.  In short, the collectors do not own the property, are not responsible for the tax or to determine how much a person decides to pay.  During this phase the collectors receive and post payments and issue receipts upon request.  If a person requires assistance in this area they should come to the Appraisal District office early (October-November) and not wait until the last week of December or January to sort through their tax statements. 

For a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions, please go to our website at www.fannincad.org and click the Property Tax Statement post under current news or alerts.  Thank you. 

Michael R. Jones, Chief Appraiser