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Fruit, pecan, landscape trees for Fannin County
By Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District
Dec 12, 2017
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Fannin County, Texas -- The Fannin 4-H Clubs, Master Gardeners and the Fannin Soil and Water Conservation District are again offering fruit, pecan, and blackberry bushes in our annual tree sales. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for youth activities, community service, and educational programs to benefit the citizens of Fannin County.

This year we are adding landscape trees to our choices of trees: Texas Ash, Crepe Myrtle (red) are $13.00 each, Burr Oak is $16 and Texas Red Buds are $20 each; these trees are 2-4.

The fruit trees that we have available are: Apple (Golden Delicious,) Gala, Granny Smith and Pink Lady Apples are $22.25 each. 

Moonglow Pear, -Allred, Hiawatha & Santa Rosa Plum. Peaches;Ranger, Majastic & Red Globe. Peaches, Pear and Plum are $19.95 each. Fruit trees are 2-4 feet.

Pecan varieties we have this year are: Choctaw, Desirable, Kanza and Pawnee @29.25 each. They are 2-3 Papershell.

Blackberries: Brison-thorns, Womack-thorns @10 for $24 or $25 for $55. The Ouachita-thornless are 10 for $39.

Grapes: Champanel and Shrank Mustang are $8.75 each.  Lomanto, $9.50,Victoria, $11.25 and the Carols Muscadine are $11.00 each
For descriptions and information on trees please go to our website;

To order trees call: 4-H at 903-227-2732, the Master Gardeners at 903-583-7453 or you may call Mary Jane Godwin at 903-583-9513 ext. 3, Fannin SWCD. You may go to the Fannin SWCD website at and click the services button to download the tree forms and either mail, or drop them off at the district office at 2504 North Center Street, Bonham, TX. 75418 The last day to order trees will be December 18. Delivery date will be Friday January 12, 2018. Delivery date is subject to change.