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City of Bonham seeks individuals interested in development of Bonham
By City of Bonham
Jan 27, 2018
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Bonham -- The City of Bonham is actively seeking interest from individuals that want to play a key role in the future development of Bonham. Last year, the city unveiled the "Bonham Vision Plan." This plan will serve as a guide for Bonham’s future. A link to this plan can be found here: http://www.cityofbonham.org/vision-bonham-plan-2017-2025.html

Visioning is an important tool for community and economic development that assists cities in preserving what works while preparing and addressing needs for the future. The plan analyzes several areas including annexation, parks and greenspace, housing, Infrastructure (broadband, transportation networks, water, and sewer capacity), workforce, and zoning, all in light of projected & planned growth. This plan is not designed to serve as a comprehensive review or plan, but rather an overview that will allow prioritization by the implementation team. The plan produced several strategic initiatives that will be addressed by an “Implementation Committee” that will work under the guidance of the Planning and Zoning Commission and duly appointed by Bonham City Council. At that time the next steps (goals, actions, metrics, responsible parties and more) will be discussed. 

The Implementation Committee will meet once a month for roughly a couple hours in the evening. The meeting dates have not been determined as of yet, but selected individuals will be given those dates upon selection of the committee. 

Letters of interest along with your qualifications and desire to serve can be delivered to the City Secretary at Bonham City Hall 514 Chestnut St Bonham Texas 75418. Letters of interest will be accepted till February 12, 2018.

photo by Allen Rich