Big Barkus 'thank you'
By Blynda Christian
Feb 13, 2018
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Thank you to everyone that participated in the 16th Annual Krewe of Barkus Parade – The Bark-a-Palooza Tour Around The World – and what a trip it was!  The weather couldn’t keep us from having a howling good time as we moved the parade indoors to the McKinney Performing Art Center.  We packed the place!

Big Barkus thank you's to Amanda Kelly, prize & parade organizer, who I couldn’t not do this without, Stephanie Farrar, who solicits and gathers prizes from downtown merchants, Susan Mouser, who runs the registration and check in, Laureen Lehman, who stuffs and handles the swag bags, and Amanda Wallace who keeps lines moving and things running smoothly.

Thank you also to Cassandra Wilkins, Melissa Rhine, Tori Gaskey, Jennifer Dollard, and our Main Street volunteers for filling in wherever we needed them.  Our judges had a monumental task before them, as always, and three of them were new! Thank you to Jessica Hogan, Carla Sayle, Wendolin Mercado, and David Palmer.  I don’t know how you do it.

Our photographer is Mark Nardecchia at Shagly Photography.  He has done such a good job for us for years!  He will let us know when pics are ready and available for purchase.  His website is

And the winners were….

·      Best of Show – Lizzy and the Valencia family with their homage to Mexico

·      Best Small Dog –

o   1st Nefertiny & Lesley Kenwood – Poland

o   2nd Jazz & Dari Partain – Italian soccer player

o   3rd Porter & Peps with Adah Leah Wolf & Co – Olives for World Peace

·      Most Creative

o   1st Azure Dasher Didgeridoo & Julie Miller – Australia

o   2nd Thor, Spike, & Izzy with Lisa Herrick & T-Boo – Historically Incorrect Vikings

o   3rd Lille Belle & Jenny Burr – Italian Gondoliers

·      Best Dog/Owner Combo

o   1st Lexie & Terree Stone – Holland

o   2nd Zuri & Heather Ferguson – The Netherlands

o   3rd Lucy & Terralyn Sias - Eqypt

·      Best Group

o   1st Boston Terrier Tea Party & Candice O’Dell

o   2nd Rouen, Regan, Roger & Mason with the Baker & Hamilton families – Jamaican Bobsled Team

o   3rd Beltre & Rita with Jamie Perrenoud - Switzerland

·      Floats

o   1st Daisy with Alisa Meli & Tamra Alami – Around the World in 80 Wags

o   2nd Bellatrix & Charlie with the Berg family – Swedish Vikings

o   3rd Sam with Paulette Foster & Lynne Hascal – tribute to Japan

·      Most Memorable

o   1st Tyson & the Dachowicz family – Pirates

o   2nd Bekki & Anna Liapushkina – Hippie Van

o   3rd Zoey & Tutu with Luke & Bella Bannister – Queen of England and USA Abe Lincoln

Contestants really outdid themselves this year!  Remember, our parade is always the Sunday before Mardi Gras, and next year Mardi Gras is late. The 17th Annual Krewe of Barkus Parade will be held Sunday, March 3, 2019.

The theme for 2019 will be centered around a genre of television that has infiltrated our culture and become wildly popular.  If you are old enough to remember Candid Camera & What’s My Line, or if you are a fan of Survivor, Jersey Shore, Fear Factor, American Idol, Top Chef, or The Bachelor/Bachelorette – you are in luck!  On March 3, Canines are Keeping it Real – A Barkus Salute to Reality TV. 

We will be posting a list of popular Reality TV show through the years to give you ideas on both our website and our Facebook page “Krewe of Barkus – McKinney, TX”.  

Start thinking now!  I know that you are!