Texoma Genealogy Group to meet March 14
By Texoma Genealogy Group
Mar 14, 2018
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The Texoma Genealogy Group continues its series of beginning topics with Census Records, Part 2 “Tracking a Family through a Century,” on March 14, 1:00-3:00 p.m., at Sherman Parks and Recreation, located at 1002 N. Music St.  Census Records, Part 2, “Tracking a Family through a Century” is a continuation of one of the most important and easiest to use resources for genealogists. The class will follow a family through each actual record from 1940 to 1840.  As with last month, the differences in questions on each census will be discussed as well, but this time, we will be concentrating on the many inconsistencies in just one family and how to overcome them.

If you weren’t able to attend the first two meetings, we will be available an hour before and after the meeting to get anyone caught up or to answer questions.  These classes are designed to teach how to get started on correct research and organization procedures. We are always willing to meet “one on one” with anyone.  One of our goals is that each beginner have the knowledge to search on their own, be able to know how to determine who is their family and how to organize that data.  

Our website,, has all the handouts we use for you to print out to bring to class.  However, we will have some handouts available to those who don’t have computer access.  We encourage everyone to bring magnifying glasses to read the actual records (some of the lines and writing can be impossible to read without them).  

We will continue to focus on beginners through June.  The class will take a break in July and August.  We encourage everyone to take advantage of the break and visit the local genealogy sections of libraries to add to your documentation.  September begins our more general topics.  This schedule is also on our above website.

14 March - Census Records, Part 2 “Tracking a Family through a Century”
11 April – Vital Records
 9 May – Timelines and Organization
13 June – Occupations and Names
July – break
August – break
12 September – Photographs, Certificates & Home Sources
10 October – Newspaper Research
14 November – Wills
12 Dec – Share, Show & Tell and Christmas Party

For questions, contact Cindy Barnhart at or 512-293-4398 or 940-665-0670 or Carol Beck at or 903-893-4000.