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Bonham Police acquire Speed Trailer to increase awareness of posted speed limits
By Bonham Police
Apr 10, 2018
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Bonham Police have acquired a Speed Trailer that will be used by the Department at different locations throughout the City.  Prevention and Awareness will be the main purpose of the device according to Chief Mike Bankston. 

This trailer is solar powered with a digital display indicating the speed of the approaching vehicle and the posted speed for the location where the trailer is located at the time.  The trailer records each vehicle's speed and the number of vehicles passing the trailer. This information can be retrieved to determine the amount of traffic and if there are speed violations that might require an Officer being assigned for radar traffic enforcement. 

"The amount of traffic in our City is increasing and our hope is this traffic tool will help drivers be more aware of the need to watch their speed to help ensure the safety of others on the road," Chief Bankston stated.