McKinney Repertory Theatre's Young Actors Guild presents The Adventures of Rose Red (Snow White's Less-Famous Sister) by Sean Abley
By Young Actors Guild
Jul 15, 2018
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McKinney, Texas -- The Young Actors proudly present their annual fairy tale, the story of Snow White's lesser-known sister.

Rose Red has grown up surrounded by fame, with her older sister being constantly hounded by reporters. Rose has just turned 13, and now it seems like everyone expects her to follow in her sister's footsteps right away! Her father, her (probably not wicked) stepmother and, most of all, the hard-working journalists from Grimm publishing, are eagerly awaiting her life story. But Rose doesn't want to be famous. She just wants to live her life, without ending up on the front page whenever she tries to eat a snack. Can she find her own kind of happy ending?

Directed by Julie McCalpin, the show features Rylee Saltz as Rose Red; Jordan Gros as Snow White; Michael Berardesco and Jillian Sparks as Mr. and Mrs. Blush; Eleanor McCalpin as Little Miss Muffet; Forrest Lynn, Robert Patti, and Christina Sexton as Jacob, William, and Sabrina Grimm; and many more YAG members.

The show opened the evening of July 13 at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, with performances the following two days as well. For more information, visit

Photos taken by Julie McCalpin