Protecting Social Security, Medicare and other social benefits
By Michael Caldwell
Jun 19, 2018
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My name is Michael Caldwell. Through my mother, Martha Kennedy Caldwell, I was a resident of Bonham.  As an Army Brat, I was a very transient resident. In the mid 1950s I attended Bailey Inglish Elementary studying under Miss Elly in the 2nd grade, and Mrs. Wisenhunt in 3rd.  While awaiting our move to Germany, I attended 7th grade for two months.  Our final return put me in Bonham for Junior and Senior year at Bonham High graduating in 1965.  In the early 1980s, I, with my wife and Children, lived in Bonham for six years while working at Southwest Pump Company.

My adopted grandfather was Dr. Alvis Kennedy, doctor to Sam Rayburn in his early years. This association put me on the road to the Democrat Party, where I’ve proudly served ever since.

One of the big mysteries in the last 35 years of my adult life has been the voting habits of Bonham and Fannin County; that being very pro-Republican and very anti-Democrat. Sadly, Fannin County posts a 16.5% poverty rate and only 5.4% of adults ages 35 to 75 with health insurance. Looking back through the history of Fannin County, one would assume the economic struggles endured by its citizens would have surely place them squarely in the Democratic camp.

Please let me refresh your memories. Just look at the socially beneficial accomplishments of the Democratic Party, a long and cherished history of trying to do the most good for the greatest number of people.  The following is a very partial list of benefits most used by the citizens of Fannin County.

• Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

• New Deal, CCC, Vista, Job Corp

• Civil Rights, Equal Rights, The Voting Rights Act, Equal Pay Act

• Rural Electrification, Farm Assistance Programs, Crop Protection, SNAP, Food Assistance Programs for Children

• Consumer Protection, FDIC, Banking and Wall Street Regulations

• Funding for Science, Medical and Engineering Research, Space Exploration

• Support for Public Education, Head Start, School Lunch and Breakfast Programs

• Protection for the Environment, Support of National Parks and Wilderness Areas, Endangered Species Act, FEMA

• Veterans’ Benefits, GI Bill

• Vehicles Safety Requirements, Reduced Emissions, and Fuel Economy Standards (CAFE)

• Federal Loan Program, Internet

In my research, the only program of benefit I’ve found implemented by the Republican Party was the Interstate Highway system under the leadership of Pres. Dwight Eisenhower.

The Republican Party of the last 35 years has worked unsuccessfully (fortunately) to terminate most of the above benefits. Sadly, the Republicans under the guidance of the current Administration is slowly, but successfully eliminating these programs.  These are important programs the citizens of Fannin County have come to rely on for their personal and family needs. Are you prepared to live without these benefits?

I am pleading with you to re-evaluate your support of the Republican Party.  Please do not vote against your best interests and the interests of you neighbors. Vote Democrat to keep these and future programs alive and viable. Your ancestors, members of the “Greatest Generation” worked hard to develop these programs for you and the future. Please vote to keep it going. Thank you.