Texoma Genealogy Group to meet Feb. 13
By Texoma Genealogy Group
Feb 13, 2019
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U.S. Census Records are one of the first, easiest and most used sources for genealogists in their family research. Imagine only having the information that your grandmother was born in 1876 (place unknown), moved to Pilot Point, Texas where she married your grandfather in 1892 (marriage license found in Denton Co), had her children and died in Pilot Point in 1935.  You don’t know anymore information about her family. No problem, you’ll just check the U.S. 1890 census for her information. She’ll be listed with her parents, where they lived. Surely she was in the Pilot Point area 2 years before marrying! 

Sounds easy until you realize a fire and water destroyed or severely damaged virtually all of the 1890 U.S. Census, leaving you with questions it could’ve answered. Who were her parents? Where was she born? Did she have siblings? What occupation did her parents have? Where were her parents born? Was there any other family who lived with or near them?

The lack of that one census record means you lose 20 years of information between 1880 and 1900. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a family Bible or relatives who can answer those questions, you have a thick brick wall.

However, brick walls can be chipped away. They just make you research in less used, different types of records that you might not think to use.  Cindy will identify records that can provide information to fill in your gaps and chip away at that wall. You’ll learn where to find them and what information they might have.

Anyone interested in finding their ancestors are invited to join us Wednesday, February 13 for Cindy’s presentation, “Bridging the Gap, 1880-1900.” The Texoma Genealogy Group meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday from 1-3pm (except June-August) at Sherman Parks and Recreation, 1002 N. Music St. The group is free but accepts donations for speakers and expenses. 

For more information, contact Cindy Barnhart at or 512-293-4398 or Carol Beck at or 903-893-4000. Check our website for more information