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Hotel Denison purchased
By media release
Mar 10, 2019
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Denison, Texas – March 8, 2019 – Cross Development, owned by Denison natives Casey Shires and Steve Rumsey, represented by another Denison native, attorney Brett Evans, announced today they have purchased the Hotel Denison located in the middle of downtown.

 “As Denisonian’s we know how important this historic landmark is to our community.  We want to restore it as something we will all be proud of and make it the anchor to our wonderful downtown district,” said Mr. Shires.  “We are so proud of our hometown and the incredible progress that has been made in making Denison the City of choice for those that are moving to the area.  We’ve seen all the positive changes that have taken place, and we want to give back to the community that raised us,” he added.    

“Locating, recruiting and partnering with a quality developer to save our hotel has been a top priority over the past several years for Team Denison.  Redevelopment of Hotel Denison is vital to the overall future success and vitality of downtown.  With Cross Development now ready to move forward with redevelopment plans, this vision to preserve her history and restore her splendor is on its way to becoming reality,” said Mayor Janet Gott.   

“It is an exciting time in our community, and it is especially rewarding when two of Denison’s finest native sons recognize the opportunity and potential Denison offers for future growth.   The City looks forward to partnering with them on this very exciting downtown project.  The announcement today just accelerated the community’s efforts to help Downtown Denison thrive as a unique living, dining, shopping, and entertaining destination.  This project will singlehandedly change the landscape and dynamics of our historic downtown and further strengthen the Downtown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone,” she added.   

“Redeveloping a historic building of this size and scale will take considerable financial resources.  This will only be possible through incentives from the greater community of Team Denison, who are committed to bring around $1 million to the project.  Details remain to be finalized on the incentive package, but Team Denison and its development partners understand the importance of this project and are committed to make it a reality,” stated Jud Rex, City Manager. 

Details on the plans for the Hotel, timing on the renovation process, and other items of interest will be unveiled at a ribbon cutting/press conference in the near future.