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Renovations continue at Savoy ISD
By Savoy ISD
Apr 16, 2019
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Progress continues on Savoy ISDís 2-3 year improvement plan that was developed by the school board at a strategic planning workshop in December. There has been activity at both campuses and at district athletic facilities.  

Here is a list of the projects complete or near complete and projects scheduled for the near future.

Already Done:

1.      The Elementary playground has been re-mulched for better impact cushion.


2.      The old gym entry doors (from 1969) have been replaced.


3.      The Elementary gym has been painted. Damaged side panels are replaced.


4.      The High School gym, foyer and gym hallway has been painted.


5.      The High School chemistry lab has been completely remodeled and modernized.

In Progress:

1.      The football field is being re-crowned. This hasnít been done in over 20 years. Also, a practice field/elm play area is being added on the north side of the football field.


2.      The weight room is being remodeled. This has been done with mostly volunteer labor.


3.      A driveway/student loading zone connecting the two Elementary parking lots is being added. Currently the loading and unloading area has so many cars that many kids are loading directly on Hwy 56. This new drive will greatly increase safe loading and unloading space.


4.      A covered awning is about to be added on the Elementary front entrance to provide sheltered entry.

Coming Soon:

1.      This summer both campuses will be re-wired with new much faster computer cabling, switches and drops.


2.      Two Elementary restrooms will be remodeled this summer with more to come next year.


3.      Security upgrades to both campuses by adding cameras, upgrading entrance security and lighting.


4.      High School stonework will be cleaned and sealed to help keep it clean.

Savoy ISD would like to thank local citizens for their patience with any temporary inconvenience that may occur while renovations are in progress