2019 Heritage Day Car Show results
By Heritage Day Festival Committee
May 7, 2019
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Original Cars 1949 & Older

                1st    Lee Stuart-'29 Ford Model A


 Modified ’49 & Older

1st Darrin Chaisson- ’36 Ford Roadster

                                 2nd Leon Haggard –’49 Chevy Coupe


Original 1950 -59

1st Stan & Betty Vick-’56 Ford T-Bird

2nd Paul Turner-’59 Rambler


Modified 1950-59

                1st Kenneth Taylor-’55 Chevy Bel-Air

                2nd Sara Nuncio-’55 Chevy Bel-Air


Original 1960-69

                1st Darrin Chaisson-’60 Chevy Corvette

                2nd Kenneth Taylor-’63 Chevy Impala


Modified 60-69

                1st Darrin Chaisson-’69 Chevy Camaro

                2nd Darrin Chaisson-’64 Chevy Corvette


Original 1970-1989

                1st Darrin Chaisson-’71 Plymouth

                2nd Mickey Rose-’70 Pontiac LeMans


Modified 1970-1989

                1st Darrin Chaisson-’71 Oldsmobile

                2nd Mark Boehme-’76 Pontiac Firebird


Original Muscle 1963-1975

                1st Gary Bush-’78 Chevy Corvette

                2nd Richard Ulrich-’68 Chevy Corvette


Modified Muscle 1963-1975

                1st Darrin Chaisson-’70 Chevy Chevelle

                2nd Bob Lee-’68 Ford Mustang


Original Trucks to 1989

                1st Darrin Geesaman-’56 Ford F 100

                2nd Danny Pate-’49 Ford F-1


Modified Trucks to 1989

                1st Darrin Chaisson-’57 Chevy Camaro

                2ndTommy Rivers-’39 Ford


Convertible -all Years

                1st Virgil Rogers-’68 Chevy Camaro

                2nd Darrin Chaisson-’66 Lincoln


People’s Choice

                Darrin Chaisson-’69 Chevy Camaro


Best of Show

                Darrin Chaisson-’68 Shelby GT