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Rolling down the river...226 miles along the mighty Colorado! - part 3
By Faye Wedell, with photos by Paul Porter, Rudi Berkelhamer and Bonnie Feather
Jun 12, 2019
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I continued to read about our Grand Canyon Expedition on the AZRA website and the link they had sent both me and Scott.  There was a place where each guest could write something about himself to share with others taking the trip and post a photo, if desired.  I checked out a few of these and the word “retired” kept popping up. Hmmm, we weren’t going to be a bunch of teenagers or yuppies traveling together!  Maybe, just aging intellectual “hippies”!  That gave me solace and inspiration to keep plugging along toward meeting my goals. 


I printed off the list of Mandatory Items Needed for the Expedition, along with a checklist for each of us to use when we had acquired or packed each item.



This list included clothing for every type of weather from swimsuits, paddle jacket/pants, wet shoes, waterproof gloves and socks, lightweight hiking boots, hats for shade that would stay on our heads; fleece wear, etc., etc., etc., plus some other suggested items like a sarong, camp pillow.


HOLY MOLY!  A 4-page list of mandatory items that had to go into one piece of luggage, which would be repacked into two dry bags (a daytime & an evening one provided by AZRA). 


YEP…this expedition required commitment and fortitude on many fronts. 


Now, the shopping frenzy began…some items found online; others bought in Sporting Goods stores; and some that could not be found elsewhere to be purchased at the convenient AZRA store only open at the Orientation we were to attend the night before the expedition set forth in the Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, AZ.



Have you ever tried finding fleece wear in the middle of summer?  It’s a challenge, but we managed to jump that hurdle.