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Tim Winkler named City of Bonham Employee of the Month
By Allen Rich
Aug 14, 2019
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Bonham, Texas -- Bonham Police Department made a special presentation to a City of Bonham Employee on August 12, 2019 during the regular meeting of Bonham City Council and, only moments later, Bonham Fire Chief Scott Ridling announced the Employee of the Month. As it turned out, both presentations went to one special employee.

Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston told how police were subduing a difficult situation when a suspect made a break for it, only to be tackled on the pavement by Bonham Fire Department Paramedic Tim Winkler.

Bonham Fire Department Paramedic Tim Winkler (left) receives a Certificate of Appreciation from Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston.

Bonham Fire Chief Scott Ridling came forward to recognize Mr. Winkler as the latest exemplary city employee to earn the distinction of Employee of the Month.

"What he did to assist the police department, that's the kind of employee we want," Chief Ridling remarked.

Winkler has been employed by the City of Bonham for two years.

Bonham Fire Chief Scott Ridling (left) congratulates City of Bonham Employee of the Month, Tim Winkler.

Each Employee of the Month receives four hours of paid time off and a $50 gift certificate. At the end of the year, the Employee of the Year will receive eight hours of paid time off and a $250 gift certificate. The awards are part of an initiative to provide more incentives for city employees.

Following the invocation by Mark Kinnaird, councilmembers opened the regular meeting by approving minutes of the July 8 regular meeting.


Dave Struchtemeyer, CPA, Director of Finance for the City of Bonham, presented the July 2019 financial report to Bonham City Council.

"This month we incurred $256,000 of cost for bond counsel services and Financial Advisory Services related to securing the 2019 series $9 million of Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) bond funding for upgrading the water and wastewater systems," Mr. Struchtemeyer relayed to councilmembers. "We also incurred $34k of Engineering fees related to the project. All cost were covered by the TWDB bond funding."

"We also incurred another $169k in construction costs related to the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) improvements," Struchtemeyer noted, "as stated in our agreed order with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) related to the 2014 violations.  This cost was covered by our 2016 Series TWDB bond funding."

Dave Struchtemeyer, CPA, Director of Finance for the City of Bonham

"Tonight we have submitted to the council our proposed budget binders for you to review and familiarize yourselves with prior to the August 20 budget workshop," Struchtemeyer said in closing. "This budget utilizes the Rollback tax rate of .655 per $100 of value and assumes no changes in personnel cost.  At the budget workshop we will also provide some different budget scenarios, a Fiscal Year Capital Budget and a five-year plan."

Bonham City Council approved the financial report for July 2019.


In the segment of the meeting that allows citizens to address councilmembers, Emily Porter, Director of Tourism, Bonham Visitor Information Center, reviewed another successful Quilt Hop.

Emily Porter, Director of Tourism, Bonham Visitor Information Center

Bonham's 10th Annual Quilt Hop was held July 26-27, with quilts displayed at the Sam Rayburn House, the Civic Center,  Sam Rayburn Library, the Arts Center, Bonham Visitor Information Center, Fannin County Museum of History, Fannin County Historical Commission, Bonham Public Library, and the Episcopal Church in Honey Grove. Among the crowd this event attracted were seven people from out-of-state.

"It was wonderful," said Ms. Porter. "We're already planning next year's event."

"Great job by you and your crew, Emily," said Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd.

Jay Minton addressed Bonham City Council regarding liability issues of allowing city traffic to use a thoroughfare, Nolan Ashmore Way, on school property. Mr. Minton is particularly concerned over the lack of a well-marked, protected crossing between Bonham High School and Warrior Stadium.

"I'm concerned that a driver could hit a student," Minton warned.

Rusty Deets addressed council members regarding the lack of appropriate sidewalks surrounding the new high school.

"I can't believe we would build a school and not put in sidewalks," Mr. Deets stated.

Bonham Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Stephen Filipowicz showed councilmembers some of the updated marketing material displayed by the City of Bonham at the recent Sunbelt Builders Show.

Stephen Filipowicz, Executive Director, Bonham Economic Development Corporation


Bonham City Council approved a Special Use Permit at 816 W. 8th St. to change from Single Family Residential to Multi-Family.

Three residents questioned how the turnover rate at multi-family dwellings could impact an neighborhood one resident described as "historic and adorable."

The City of Bonham is facing a critical housing shortage which could have influenced the decision by councilmembers.


Bonham City Council adopted the Bonham Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Program, a mechanism to award grants to builders, developers and property owners to improve the living environment of low- to moderate-income housing that has been identified as severely distressed.

The City of Bonham has $400,000 from the sale of apartments by Bonham Housing Authority to invest in public and workforce housing. Eligible projects must be approved by Community Development prior to commencement and eligible project expenses will be all or partly reimbursed after the project is completed.

Bonham City Council addressed four openings on Bonham Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors by re-appointing Teresa Stapp and Kelly Royse and appointing Glenn Taylor and Lee Ellis to the board. The City of Bonham had received Letters of Interest from Stapp, Royse, Taylor and Ellis.


Bonham City Council tabled action on Request for Proposals to operate Lake Bonham Concession Stand.