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Letter to Fannin County Citizens from Fannin County Judge Randy Moore
By the Office of Fannin County Judge Randy Moore
Aug 30, 2019
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Dear Fannin County Citizens,

I am so honored to live in Fannin County.  I will tell you why as of last Tuesday.

1.  Our last Tax Hearing was attended by 70-80 people.  Due to poor wording on the hearing notice, it appeared we were raising taxes by 7.98%.   And many people called, emailed and showed up to the meeting to question this.  People should do this.  Our Fannin County people are watching.  I am glad.  Our tax rate did not change any from the last year.  Our county’s 2019 budget operated by borrowing $1.99 million from our reserves.  Our goal is to make the citizens of Fannin County whole by operating with a budget that is in the “black”.   This is what is good for the county. 

2. At first, with so many citizens present, I was concerned whether we would all be able to hold our emotions in check.  The Citizens of Fannin County conducted themselves in a very professional manner.  We got to hear from anyone who had comments regarding this tax rate.

I was questioned by a reporter from the news station, "do I want to lower the tax rate?"  Absolutely, but the real question is “will that be in the best interest of all Fannin County Citizens this next year?”   I believe services to our citizens would be severely hurt if we cut taxes this year.  And this is what the citizens are telling me.  So therefore, we are proposing to leave the tax rate the same as last year… 0.589 per $100 evaluation.

We, the commissioners court, take this serious.  You will note that NO elected officials will receive an increase in their pay for this coming year. 

My proposed 2020 budget this year cuts $400,000 out of last year’s budget.   We are seriously doing our best to move the county to operating in the black rather than borrowing money from our reserves.  All our financial advisors and court are working toward this goal.

I am somewhat concerned that some of our citizens over 65 years of age are not taking advantage of the order that the Commissioner’s Court passed a few weeks ago to freeze their taxes.  They should contact the Fannin County Appraisal office to make this happen.

I am honored and blessed to Serve you,

Judge Randy Moore