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Fannin County Commissioners Court cautions residents of danger of outside burning
By Jarrett Tucker
Sep 11, 2019
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Fannin County, Texas – The regular meeting of Fannin County Commissioners Court began with the call to order and established a quorum with all members present except Fannin County Judge Randy Moore.

Agenda item two was the invocation, which was delivered by Commissioner Dean Lackey.

Agenda item three was the recitation of pledges which were led by Commissioner Gary Whitlock.

Agenda item number four was public forum, in which four people spoke.

·        Dale McQueen invited everyone to the 9/11 ceremony at 9am at the flagpole on the east end of the football field. The ceremony should last 30 to 45 minutes.

·        Terry Schuck wanted to get information on the rural rail board, the subdivision and lake zoning committee, the costs of individual agenda items, and how courthouse restoration costs were going to be dealt with. He was advised to either visit or call his commissioner or judge.

·        Jay Minton noted that the monument for the Spanish American War was deteriorating. He, as an experienced monument restorer, volunteered his services to restore the monument. He also asked that the monument be placed inside to help preserve it.

·        Carolyn Rogers appreciates everyone’s help with having a positive attitude in the county. She also wanted to recognize Barbara McCutcheon and Alicia Whipple for their fervent, factual, and positive information given at the Republican Women’s meeting about the courthouse restoration.

Item number five was for introductions, which there were none.

Agenda item number six approved minutes from 08/27/2019 which was a regular meeting with some corrections.

Agenda item seven approved the move of monuments from around the Fannin County Courthouse for safe keeping during construction. They anticipate storing them at the auditor’s parking area.

Item number eight accepted Turner Construction’s recommendation to award Chamberlin Waterproofing for the waterproofing, sealants, firestopping and fireproofing scope of work for the Fannin County Courthouse Restoration project. This for the above ground work, sealing joints, sealing mechanical holes and exterior sealants. The cost will be $177,221.

Agenda item number nine approved a temporary easement agreement to access a quarry in Honey Grove. This is to gain access to get the rock out for the courthouse. It is anticipated to be needed for two or three months.

Item ten on the agenda approve agreement with Tyler Technologies for Incode Accounting Software.

Agenda item eleven approved Fannin County Auditor’s monthly reports for August 2019. The overall income for the county totaled $16,727,586.74 which is 61% of the budgeted income received, and expenses of $15,834,766.92 which is 60% of budgeted expenses used. It was explained that this is a little off because the General Obligation Bonds have not been spent. 

Agenda item twelve approved the payment of bills. This week’s bills totaled $377,157.76.  Bills included payments to Turner Construction for $136,326.95, three payments for prisoner housing totaling $163,689.00, and many payments for this quarters indigent prescriptions for $14,293.59.  

Item thirteen on the agenda was comments by the County Commissioners and County Judge.

·        Commissioner Whitlock

o   Has heard a lot of positivity in the county. He appreciates the support of this initiative and hopes it will continue.

·        Commissioner Self

o   Quoted Henry Ford, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” He feels we will be more successful working together.

·        Commissioner Magness

o   Thanked Barbara McCutcheon and Tom Thornton for their promotion of our successes and feels it is good for the county.

·        Commissioner Lackey

o   Enjoyed the trip to Austin, where they received a lot of information on bills passed.

o   Had a meeting with Sharon Fleming with the Texas Historical Commission. She said that the county was in very good standing with the THC. That there was no chance of losing any of the funds they have provided.

o   Stated that Ms. Fleming asked someone from the county to attend a meeting of the full board of the THC in Brownsville. The county is still trying to get $280,000 from THC. That will make the total amount of funds provided by the THC to six million dollars, which no county has received before.

o   Thanked everyone for coming, and cautioned everyone when doing any outside burning as it is very dry.

Agenda item fourteen adjourned the meeting.