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Wright, Hayden selected as City of Bonham Employees of the Month
By Allen Rich
Oct 16, 2019
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Bonham, Texas -- During a regular meeting of Bonham City Council held Monday, October 14, two exemplary employees were honored as Employees of the Month, a proclamation was presented to Bonham Police Department Telecommunicators, First United Methodist Church was recognized on the eve of its 175th anniversary, a vacancy was filled on the Airport Advisory Board and councilmembers approved an ordinance prohibiting persons from entering or remaining in any city park and/or recreational area after operating hours.

All members of Bonham City Council were present and the meeting opened with an invocation by Rev. Henry Shelton of Trinity Baptist Church.

Councilmembers approved minutes of the September 9 regular meeting.

Three citizens addressed city council during public forum

Ann Rodriguez suggested that ladders should be added to the boat dock at Lake Bonham to make it easier to access the dock from a boat. Ms. Rodriguez also asked about the timeline for completion of the splash pad in Powder Creek Park. Bonham City Manager Sean Pate said that modifications would be made to the boat dock within the next two months, however delays have pushed the opening of the splash pad back until spring 2020.

Rusty Deets asked that TxDOT representatives attend the next city council meeting to hear concerns regarding sidewalk installations. Mr. Pate stated that several area cities have issues with the sidewalks and TxDOT is aware that the issues must be addressed before the cities will sign off on the project.

Mr. Deets also asked if it would be feasible for the city to take ownership of Nolan Ashmore Way, a thoroughfare on Bonham ISD property that some residents want closed because of safety concerns.

"It is something to think about," Deets remarked.

Stephen Filipowicz, Executive Director of Bonham Economic Development Corporation, presented councilmembers with updated brochures touting the City of Bonham.

Employees of the Month for August and September were recognized by Bonham City Council for their dedication and professionalism.

Freddie Wright was selected as August 2019 City of Bonham Employee of the Month. Mr. Wright is the City of Bonham Assistant Animal Control Officer and has been employed with the city since June 2011.

(L-R) Bonham City Councilmember Tim La Vergne II, Employee of the Month Freddie Wright and Brad Nichols, Human Resources Director for the City of Bonham

A hardworking and dedicated professional, Wright's coworkers praise his positive attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to always pitch in and help -- he never shirks a responsibility. Wright is a positive point of contact for Bonham Animal Shelter.

The September 2019 City of Bonham Employee of the Month is John Hayden. Mr. Hayden is Director of the Bonham Public Library and has been with the city since June 2016.

(L-R) Bonham City Councilmember Tony Rodriguez, Employee of the Month John Hayden and Brad Nichols, Human Resources Director for the City of Bonham

Hayden is a tireless promoter of the library and the programs they offer and is always looking for ways to enhance a patron's experience at the library. Hayden is kind and friendly and the benefits of the work performed at the library are evident throughout our community.

Each Employee of the Month receives four hours of paid time off and a $50 gift certificate. At the end of the year, the Employee of the Year will receive eight hours of paid time off and a $250 gift certificate. The awards are part of an initiative to provide more incentives for city employees.

Bonham Police Department Telecommunicators were singled out for the skilled service they provide behind the scenes, with Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd and Bonham Mayor Pro Tem H. Compton presenting a proclamation to communication specialists who are often the most critical contact citizens have with emergency services.

(L-R) Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd, Cindy Woods, Megan Robinson, Carin Hepner, Cheyenne Taylor and Bonham Mayor Pro Tem H. Compton

The next agenda item called for the presentation of a proclamation honoring First United Methodist Church as it prepares to celebrate its 175th anniversary, but Mayor Floyd said he will wait and present the proclamation at the church Sunday, October 27.

"If you want to hear the proclamation, come to First United Methodist Church," Mayor Floyd advised.

"They've been in our city for 175 years and that's longer than I've been mayor," Mayor Floyd quipped.


Bonham City Council filled a vacancy on the Airport Advisory Board after member Stephen Murden submitted a letter of resignation from the board. City staff advertised for letters of interest and received two letters. The Airport Advisory Board recommended Zack Whitlock to fill the vacancy and Bonham City Council appointed Mr. Whitlock to the Airport Advisory Board.


Bonham City Council authorized the issuance and sale of City of Bonham, Texas General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2019; establishing procedures and delegating authority for the sale and delivery of the bonds; levying an annual ad valorem tax for the payment of said bonds; providing an effective date; and enacting other provisions relating to the subject.


Councilmembers approved an ordinance authorizing a change in the municipal contributions to the current service annuity reserve at retirement.

"One of our top priorities has been to improve employee benefits," explained Bonham City Manager Sean Pate.


Bonham City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting persons from entering or remaining in any city park and/or recreational area after operating hours, which will be 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. on weekends and 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. on weekdays.


Bonham City Council approved a Special Use Permit at 302 S. Main Street from multi-family residential to mixed (residential/commercial) use.


Councilmembers recessed into executive session at 6:00 p.m. to discuss a personnel matter regarding the Finance Director.

Bonham City Council reconvened at 6:35 p.m. and announced that no action was taken in executive session.