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ODOT engineers discuss why new Red River bridge on Hwy 78 is lower than existing bridge
By Allen Rich
Aug 1, 2020
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Fannin County, Texas -- Fannin County residents have been asking why the new bridge under construction over Red River on Hwy. 78 is lower than the old bridge it is replacing and Oklahoma Department of Transportation engineers sent the following explanation:

The new bridge is about 50 ft. longer and 12 ft. lower than the existing bridge. A full hydraulic study was conducted for the new bridge design, which showed that the river flow isnít adversely affected by the bridge and that the new structure will still be above typical flood levels. The existing bridge is a truss bridge, a design in which the structural elements are on top of the bridge, so trusses often have more clearance below. However, truss bridges are an outdated design and not as economical to build and maintain using modern construction methods.

photo by Chrlie Thomas