Local mask mandates
By Fred A. Wilson
Jan 2, 2021
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It is apparent that many of the counties and cities in Texas have not waited for the State to place Mask Mandates on public buildings in their territories. We have covered 500+ miles from Bonham to the Texas coast and almost all stops along the way required face masks to enter their establishments. The state park we are volunteering at also requires face masks in all buildings, along with social distancing.

The Covid vaccines will not be available, for most, for months from now and local businesses are not willing to require masks until our local governments mandate them.

Many of us have already lost family and friends to this pandemic and the simple precautions, like mandating masks, can save many more needless deaths.

Please, County Judge and Commissioners, place a Mandatory Mask Order on the agenda, ASAP, to help save lives.

Fred A. Wilson