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New twist in City of Bonham general election May 1
By Allen Rich
Apr 1, 2021
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Bonham, Texas -- With the ballot finalized and the start of early voting only weeks away, the City of Bonham general election on May 1 got more complicated due to a state provision that indicates one of the Bonham City Council candidates is not eligible to be seated regardless of the outcome of this election.

According to the Texas Secretary of State website, most offices require voter registration in the territory from which the office is elected by the filing deadline.

When the current crop of Bonham City Council candidates filed their candidacy, all the names were verified to be on the list of registered voters. However, an updated release of the official list of registered voters contained the names of all the candidates except Casie Partridge, a candidate for the at-large seat on Bonham City Council.

Mr. Partridge was immediately notified and has since registered to vote.

State provisions stipulate that the City of Bonham May 1 ballot has been finalized, but a candidate who was an unregistered voter at the filing deadline cannot be seated should he or she win the election.

In this case, if a candidate who was an unregistered voter at the filing deadline wins the election, the City of Bonham and local taxpayers would be out the cost of a special election -- approximately $5,000 -- to resolve the matter.

The special election would need to be held within 120 days of the canvassing of the election where it is declared the candidate got the most votes but is ineligible.