Just asking about the state of our state
By Jacquita Ellis
Sep 17, 2021
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When I moved with my husband to his home state of Texas, I thought the phrase "Everything's bigger and better in Texas," was catchy and fun. Although there is much I still love about Texas, I am appalled that "bigger," now in 2021, most accurately applies to Covid cases, deaths and the number of Texans who refuse to take an effective vaccine and wear face masks to protect the health of themselves and others! How can proud Texans claim that such behavior makes us "better" somehow?

Recently we learned that the Honey Grove School District is now being sued by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for the "crime?" of requiring that face masks be worn by students and staff in order to prevent the spread of an even more dangerous strain of Covid-19, the Delta variant. Considering that elementary students are not yet eligible to receive Covid vaccinations, at least the simple act of wearing face masks seems to me a totally reasonable precaution. Apparently a few parents registered complaints that led to a lawsuit that could potentially have a devastating impact on untold numbers of students enrolled in Honey Grove ISD, as well as the teachers and other staff who work there.

My understanding of lawsuits is that they are a method of recourse for damages, pain and suffering, or loss inflicted on the complainant by the actions of a defendant. Is there even a remote possibility that the perceived damage suffered by those few families could actually warrant a policy change that will most certainly cause a spike in Covid cases, many of which will result in sickness and possibly even death?

Sorry, Texas, we won't mess with you if your elected officials will stop messing with our "Independent" school districts and science-based measures intended to protect those who study and work there! Do you Texans wonder how different our beautiful, diverse state might be today, if the first cases of Covid in our country had been taken seriously, not called a hoax or blamed on China? What might the number of Covid cases amount to now if ALL Texans eligible for the vaccinations had taken them as soon as possible? Although we have no way to accurately calculate an exact number, is it not highly likely that the numbers would not be BIGGER, and the overall health and well-being of many more Texans would be considerably BETTER?

Jacquita Ellis