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Bonham Manufacturers 'Virtual' Roundtable (#15) - Challenges ahead
By Bonham Economic Development Corporation (BEDCo)
Sep 24, 2021
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Marking another 'first' the Bonham Manufacturers' Roundtable conducted midday Thursday (9/9/21) was conducted via 'Zoom' format with Tongrun International's Starling 'Star' Brock serving as meeting host and
facilitator. Organizers conferred late last week and opted for this cautionary approach largely dictated by surging Delta -3 statistics region-wide. 'Star' candidly recapped Tongrun's observations regarding affected employees to which 'Virtual' Roundtable participants echoed universal agreement, many citing their own first-hand experiences. 

In sharing a wide array of upward spiraling cost statistics
from transportation to labor, to pricing and limited availability of raw materials, common hardware and product sub-components, all observable trend lines indicate these supply chain disruptions 'are going to get worse before they get any better.' 

Brock was far from gloom and doom, but he was very pragmatic in his comments to the as many as 24 Roundtable event attendees. No one disagreed and several other Bonham-based manufacturing executives and senior managers cited weekly, daily and sometimes hourly challenges they'd had to cope with in recent months.

As Bonham's executive director for economic development - Steve Filipowicz offered this summary, "Were I to paraphrase the overall consensus outlook it would be 'we must all recognize that this (global economic situation) is neither a sprint nor a relay, rather it is a marathon." Filipowicz added "and we need to re-adjust where we think the horizon is. There will be winners and looser whenever we do finally cross the 'finish line.' By remaining flexible, practical and not fixated on 'what was' we as a community will ensure Bonham is positioned for the next 'heat.!'  

Star Brock did a great job building on the manufacturer-lead nuts and bolts discussion formulated by Jason Royse of Renlita from the May Roundtable Revival. Beyond the supply chain and workforce challenge topics the "BVR's" [Bonham Virtual Roundtablers] were updated on housing and transportation 'Bonham's 3Rs,' roads, runways and rail were all updated.

Filipowicz joined with Brock to thank all the many on-line participants of this very successfully improvised iteration of Bonham's Manufacturers' Roundtable for joining us, and for offering their insightful comments. Roundtable #16 will be planned for the late January/early February
2022 timeframe unless circumstances warrant convening again sooner.