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Bonham City Council regular meeting Aug. 8
By media release
Aug 8, 2022
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DATE OF MEETING:  August 8, 2022

TIME OF MEETING:  5:30 P.M. Regular Meeting

LOCATION OF MEETING:  Bonham City Hall 514 Chestnut

Bonham, Texas



Call to Order


1.         Consider and take action to approve minutes of the July 11th regular meeting and the July 25th special meeting.


2.         Consider and take action to accept financial report for month ending July 31, 2022.                            


3.         Citizens Opportunity to Speak:  [The City Council invites persons with comments or observations to briefly address the Council for the limited purpose of determining whether the matter should be referred to staff for study and response and/or be placed on a future meeting agenda.  State law prohibits the City Council from considering deliberations on any item not listed on the posted City Council Agenda.]


4.         Presentation of a Proclamation to the First Presbyterian Church celebrating 150 years of ministry.


5.            Presentation of a Proclamation to CareVide for National Health Center week.


6.         Consider and take action to appoint or re-appoint individuals to the following boards and commissions:

            a)   Bonham Economic Development Corporation

            b)   Planning and Zoning Commission


7.         Consider and take action to approve a Specific Use Permit / Zoning Change located on the South East corner of N Hwy 121 and Hwy 82 (ID# 119761 & 75051) from Agriculture to Planned Development.


8.         Consider and take action on a resolution adopting Jones Field Airport Rules and Regulations.


9.            Pursuant to Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, the City Council reserves the right to convene into Executive Session(s) from time to time as deemed necessary during this meeting. The City  Council may convene into Executive Session pursuant to any lawful exception contained in Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code including any or all of the following topics. Pending or contemplated litigation or to seek the advice of the City Attorney pursuant to Section 551.071


10.       Consideration/Action regarding items discussed in Executive Session.


11.       Adjourn     


The Bonham City Council hereby expresses its intention of considering, deliberating, and taking action on any item listed on this agenda unless specifically stated otherwise.