Reef balls installed to promote fish habitat at Lake Ralph Hall
By Inland Fisheries Denison District - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Nov 21, 2023
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Fannin County, Texas -- Lake Ralph Hall, the new lake for the Upper Trinity Regional Water District got a special delivery recently, 200 reef balls. Inland Fisheries Denison District personnel will be moving these to various parts of the lake to provide valuable fish habitat and GPS coordinates will be shared with everyone.

A special thank you to Bass Pro Shops and the Friends of Reservoirs for the donation that allowed Texas Parks and Wildlife to purchase these.

Although funds weren't available for reef balls at Bois d'Arc Lake, fortunately NTMWD (who owns and built the lake) was able to move a lot of concrete chunks, old foundations and concrete culverts, etc. and place in the footprint of the lake before it began filling that provide similar habitat. There were also quite a few large brush piles built.