White River Fishing report by Cotter Trout Dock
By Cotter Trout Dock
Nov 23, 2023
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Cotter Trout Dock

Cotter, Arkansas -- Bull Shoals Lake is well below the desired power pool level, and generation schedules reflect that: minimum flow releases, then up to 12,000 cfs and anywhere in between, all in a 12-hour period. Bull Shoals Lake is sitting at 652.71 mls; power pool target is 659.  Be on the lookout for quick rises and falls in the water level over the next few days, and ensure you have the baits on hand to cover the changes.  Traffic on the river often slows down around the holidays, so now is a great time to experience uninterrupted fishing and relief from the fast lane holiday shopping/planning/running.

Always keep some worms to dangle when the water is rising -- either red wigglers, nightcrawlers or the scented XFactor or Berkley artificial worms, doesn't matter.  When the water steadies and flattens out some, you can experiment with flashy spoons (hammered red/gold, 6th ounce spoons work nicely) or, depending on water level, try flickering a 8th ounce white or orange/brown jig. As always, scented egg patterns and shrimp will lure a good number of rainbows to your net.

Some of the guides find fishing falling water more fun because of the challenge it presents.  The "bleeding" series jerkbaits make the challenge a little easier, played with slow sinking, wobbly action you can watch the trout come up to your line and tease the bait. The brown bite is slow but not nonexistent.  Keep working a mid-size sculpin in the deeper holes and chances are pretty good you'll get a hit or two.

We're still experiencing some nice daytime temperatures, perfect autumn weather to usher in the holidays. Coffee's on; stop in and grab a candy cane.

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