Fannin County officials protecting you
By Mike Nejtek
Feb 5, 2024
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Our current Fannin County Judge and Commissioners are the most transparent, accountable, and proactive court in the sixteen years my wife and I have lived in the county. They are committed to serving us and preserving our values. I want to provide some specifics about the way these servants have been working to protect our way of life.

The following regulations, ordinances, and resolutions have been put into place during the past 12 months to minimize the negative impact that growth often creates: 

  • County Subdivision Regulations - modified
  • Recreational Vehicle Park Regulations - adopted
  • Regulations for Sexually Oriented Businesses - adopted
  • Hotel Occupancy Tax Resolution - created
  • Ordinance Prohibiting Solid Waste Disposal - adopted

Fannin County Junkyard Ordinance - updated
I point this out because it is in our county's best interest to keep this momentum going, as we move forward! We can do this by encouraging our Judge and Commissioners to "stay the course" and by selecting new commissioners in the upcoming election who have the qualifications and commitment to serve us well.

Considering the unprecedented level of transparency and accountability exhibited by our current Commissioners Court, I am disheartened to hear citizens claim that they "don't know what's going on," and they are not being heard by our Judge and Commissioners. For example, a candidate in one of our local races is basing his campaign on the issue of the lack of transparency and accountability among our elected officials. In my opinion, these claims are without merit. Every item that comes before Commissioners Court is published five days before the actual court date. Citizens are encouraged to attend court. Everything that transpires in the court is recorded and available to the public. Any citizen can address the court in Public Forum or comment and ask questions concerning any agenda item before the court. Again, I urge you to discern for yourself whether you believe our officials are serving us well. If you believe they are, let them know that you appreciate their hard work.

Mike Nejtek