Fundraiser to assist Michelle Alverson with medical bills
By family and friends
Jun 20, 2024
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Bells, Texas -- A fundraiser is being held to assist Michelle Alverson with medical bills.

A little over a year ago, Michelle had her leg amputated. She has done great with that surgery. She was up and around and actually came to a DAR meeting (Michelle is chapter regent) just a few days after the amputation.  That in itself is amazing. But the journey doesn't end here - now her kidneys are failing.

Michelle announced her kidney problem at a DAR board meeting a few months ago. Immediately several of the ladies signed up to give her a kidney and one of these ladies was a match; she was the very first to submit her application. She is not a relative. Currently, she is undergoing all the test necessary to become a donor. So far, she has passed every test with flying colors, even though she had cancer just a few years back.

Michelle's doctor does not think she would be a good candidate for dialysis because most diabetics have blood vessels that are too small. She does have a port installed in her arm if it becomes absolutely necessary. Hopefully she will get the transplant and never have to go on dialysis.

She has insurance, but the deductible will be more than they can afford out of pocket and they may require her to pay more on top of that for medicines, etc. The average cost of a kidney transplant is $450,000 and a pancreas is around $380,000.

Her husband is Drew Alverson, who owns the small A/C company Alverson Refrigeration in Denison.

If you meet her, you would be amazed at how happy she is and how upbeat. She has unbelievable strength and fortitude.

The kidney donor does not want anyone to know who she is until she passes all the tests that are scheduled. She said that she felt that God was telling her to do this. She is an active lovely person in her late 60s. She enjoys sailing with a husband on their sailboat and numerous other pursuits.

Michelle is a very giving person and works hard to support veterans. She put together a donation of Christmas stockings from our DAR chapter for  all the residents at Clyde Cosper Texas State Veterans home.  This is just one of the many projects she has accomplished in her term as regent.

It is easy to see why Michelle is such an inspiration to all who know her.