Reader recommends the Texan Theater in Greenville
By Ronnie A. Nutt
Aug 14, 2019
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During the past two weeks I have attended two events at the Texan Theater and was so impressed with this event center. First class owner, staff, food, service and entertainment. To have unlimited first class four course meal and unlimited drinks of any kind is unheard of in this day and time.

I have been to venues for entertainment all over this country and found none to be better than this one. The Texan Theater reminds you of stepping into one of the famous Las Vegas theaters years ago in downtown Las Vegas. The sound, lighting and seating structures are just awesome.

The owner Barbara Horan has invested lots of resources to have a treasure like this in her hometown and hope your area will support her and this theater as it is something really special.

Thanks, Barbara, for your dream of a place this nice to be in driving distance for many of us that prefer not to drive to the Dallas metroplex to see quality entertainment.

If you are reading this and live nearby Greenville, Texas and  have not been there get a schedule of events ( and attend one to verify for yourself what I am commending from our visit and attendance last Friday night, August 2 to the John Schneider and Christian Davis Concert and Saturday night August 10th to the Kraig Parker ELVIS Tribute show.

Ronnie A. Nutt
730 Clarksville Street
Paris,Texas 75460