Lake Ralph Hall: Building local, from clearing to pipe production
By Upper Trinity Regional Water District
Sep 13, 2023
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Fannin County, Texas -- Projects like Lake Ralph Hall require significant manpower and expertise, and they offer a unique opportunity for local contractors and businesses. In fact, the Lake Ralph Hall project is providing around a dozen local contractors with additional business, including TGW Land Services based in Bonham and AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe in Paris, TX.

Site grading for the relocated FM 1550.

Few people know land clearing and removal better than Blake Goode, who founded 
TGW Land Services 14 years ago. Since that time the company has worked on rights of way for railroads, pipelines and other kinds of utilities across North Texas and southern Oklahoma, most recently assisting with construction of nearby Bois d’Arc Lake. Now, the business is helping clear land and build fences for Lake Ralph Hall. Goode often has between 15 and 20 workers onsite, and they have enjoyed collaborating extensively with Upper Trinity Regional Water District on the Lake Ralph Hall project.
"It’s been nice to stay in the area," Goode shared. "Upper Trinity is really good to work with and Flatiron (Upper Trinity’s road and bridge contractor) has been great to work with too."
TGW Land Services will continue to work on various aspects of the project over the next five years.

Manufacturing pipeline for the lake project.

Tyler Bolen is the Senior Territory Manager for AMERICAN SpiralWeld Pipe at the company’s newest location in Paris, TX. The $90-million facility opened in April 2021 and is another key local provider for the Lake Ralph Hall project. AMERICAN is manufacturing all 32 miles of pipe that will carry water from the lake to treatment. The plant’s approx. 150 full-time local employees have already begun manufacturing the 50-foot pieces of pipe, which are now being delivered along its future route. A total of 3,400 pieces of pipe will be needed for the project.
"I am excited to be a part of a project of this type and magnitude," Bolen said. "Lake Ralph Hall will provide millions of gallons of water daily for treatment and ultimately to residents."
"With all the workers in and out [of the project site], you have to look at what it brings into the local grocery stores, restaurants and gas especially," Goode added. "Any revenue coming in is a big boon to the area.”

Plus, he adds, “I think the people [visiting the future lake] will be good for the local businesses."
Bolen agrees, seeing the lake as a future recreational hub for the community. He is also personally looking forward to the hiking, fishing and boating it will provide. “Once completed, I hope to bring my family to the lake to show them everything my company had a part in building and to spend some time on the new lake."

Collaboration of twenty years and counting
For over two decades Upper Trinity has been working with the City of Ladonia and Fannin County to make Lake Ralph Hall a special place, both for people and for the environment - - assuring a reliable water supply for generations to come. Upper Trinity values its long-term partnerships with the City of Ladonia and Fannin County. In addition to making a certain amount of raw water available for local use, Upper Trinity is making provisions in the pump station and future pipeline so that Ladonia can take raw (or untreated) water for local use at the appropriate time in the future. Upper Trinity is also working with the city and nearby water supply corporations to create a Utility Master Plan to help them prepare for new development around the Lake Ralph Hall. Upper Trinity has additionally hired local contractors whenever possible. To date, twelve of the companies doing work on the Lake Ralph Hall project are based in North Texas, providing jobs for local residents and bringing additional revenue to the area.

The twelve local contractors working on the Lake Ralph Hall project.