• It's a small piece of obsidian, just over 5 centimeters long, likely found on a hard-scrabble piece of ranchland in the Texas panhandle. But when SMU anthropologist Matthew Boulanger looks at it, he gets a mental image of Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado making his way across the plains more than 470 years ago in search of a fabled city of gold.
  • In 1951, a teenaged airman from Brooks Air Force Base carved "Johnny Loves Vivian" into a wooden bench along the River Walk in San Antonio.
  • In Jewish, Christian, and Muslim tradition, 'Fallen Angels' were angels in heaven who rebelled against God. 'Falling Angels' was a name proudly assigned to the 11th Airborne Division* during World War Two. In several instances when this division successfully rescued victims by parachute in the South Pacific, the rescued said that men in parachutes at a distance in the sky appeared to resemble 'angels' – the parachute looking like wings! On February 23, 1945, in the early morning hours, my family and many others were rescued by the 11th Airborne and Filipino Scouts, the former having dropped from airplanes in sync with the guerilla Scouts on the ground.
  • Gen. William Jenkins Worth was a distinguished officer and war hero who fought for Texas and the nation.
  • Who was Saint Valentine? Was he a postal employee who worked on commission? Did he operate a chocolate factory? Actually, he was a martyred saint in ancient Rome. Legend has it that St. Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter while he was imprisoned. Before he was put to death, he sent her a letter and signed it, “From your Valentine.” And, you know what they say about the rest---it's history.
  • It often takes courage to stand up for a principle. Because of people who do, the world starts to change. One Texas dentist, Dr. Lonnie Smith, changed the way Americans vote.
  • Frederick Douglas
    Frederick Douglass was born in Maryland (February 14, 1817) where he escaped from slavery and played a key role in the abolition movement.
  • A political primary is a preliminary election in which the registered voters of a political party nominate candidates for office. The key word here is preliminary.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the 22nd Annual Krewe of Barkus Parade – Barkus Salutes the Lone Star State - celebrating the history, culture, cuisine, and crazy characters of Texas. What a day! The weather was crazy (from cold to sunny to pouring rain), the crowd was huge, and the costumes were off the hook!
  • It's not that I hate the Beatles; I just don't think they deserve the pedestal where most people put them. 2024 is the 60th anniversary of their first U.S. appearance – a good time to reevaluate their popularity and appeal.
  • Our current Fannin County Judge and Commissioners are the most transparent, accountable, and proactive court in the sixteen years my wife and I have lived in the county.
  • A young man escaping the poverty of a foreign land, dreaming of a better life, and becoming a hero for his adopted nation may seem too fantastic for a jaded age, but it is the true story of Medal of Honor recipient Macario Garcia, an immigrant and World War II veteran.