• I consider myself privileged to have grown up in an era when radio was in its Golden Age and also to have witnessed the beginnings of television as home entertainment. Those of us who remember how much fun it was to listen as Fibber McGee made the mistake of jerking open the door to his closet or Jack Benny very reluctantly went to his money vault know the value of using your imagination as opposed to passively seeing something happen.
  • Recently, Lanny and I both had colonoscopies. NOT the same day, though (Lawdy!). Our synchronized togetherness marriage has also been center stage with our flu shots, shingles vaccines, dental bridgework, and cortisone injections. Lanny and I married for better or for worse, and some things have slid smack-dab in the middle of worse.
  • The rain that fell steadily earlier in the week was welcome, but not so much chill that came with it. The winter seems determined to hang on a little longer before giving way to the ritual of daily growing warmer until summer is here. That's OK, but it does make it difficult to figure out what is coming next. When the seasonal transition is complete, will we really notice it. We used to.
  • In my childhood Easter egg hunts were something to look forward to. Coloring the hardboiled hen eggs was the first step, and I remember having an envelope with tablets of different colored dyes to dissolve in warm water plus a little vinegar.
  • There are about 115,000 lineworkers in the United States. These are the men and women, the electric warriors, who leave their homes and families every day to make sure the rest of the 155 million electric consumers in the U.S. have the capability to turn on the lights.
  • Mama could "put the pedal to the treadle" and create the prettiest Easter frocks in town for my sister and me. It wasn't uncommon to hear the sewing machine humming during the night when counting sheep didn't work.
  • Abstract art is a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered. -- Al Capp.

    Craftsmanship without inspiration still produces a useful product; inspiration without craftsmanship produces modern art. Unknown.
  • On Palm Sunday, suicide bombers detonated themselves at two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt, killing 44 and wounding 126. Undoubtedly, the volunteer “martyrs” thought they were on a mission so holy they were willing to sacrifice their own lives.
  • Temperatures are rising, grass is growing, and spring rains are "greening" up the foliage. My favorite pastime during April, May, June, and July is to sit inside the house and watch Lanny mow the lawn from my window. My idea of gardening is to put on a wide-brimmed hat and some old clothes. And with a hoe in one hand and a glass of peach iced tea in the other, I tell somebody else where to dig.
  • It's family photo day and that always means two things: haircuts and the color-coordinating of pastels.
  • As interfaith dialogue increases between the 'three daughters and sons of Abraham', we hear often that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have more in common than they have differences.
  • In response to my column on well diggers, several people responded to say they had known someone who mastered this craft. Some had even witnessed the related procedure called “water witching” (also known as dowsing) being used to locate a source of water and then seen a good well dug on that site.