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  • The National Forests and Grasslands in Texas are waiving fees at day-use recreation sites September 26 for National Public Lands Day.
  • Join us on Saturday, September 26 from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum for Munzee at the Museum! What is Munzee you might ask yourself? Munzee is the next generation in global scavenger hunt games. Track down QR codes hidden in the real world and capture them for points. Whether you are a casual player, an avid explorer, or a hardcore competition enthusiast, Munzee helps you rediscover the world around you.
  • As the result of watching a lot of classic movies recently, I find myself reviewing some interesting historical events of the early 20th century, including the Scopes "Monkey" trial, an American legal case in July 1925. A high school teacher, John T. Scopes, was accused of violating Tennessee's Butler Act, which had made it unlawful to teach human evolution in any state-funded school. The fact that it drew two prominent lawyers, William Jennings Bryan for the prosecution and Clarence Darrow for the defense, guaranteed national publicity. The then-popular notion that evolution showed men descending from apes attached the "monkey" appellation.
  • The Equal Rights Amendment, which reads in part, "Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex," was proposed by the 92nd Congress on March 22, 1972, but was not ratified because not enough states approved it.
  • A soft drink is a drink that usually contains carbonated water, a sweetener, and a natural or artificial flavoring. The sweetener may be a fruit juice, a high fructose corn syrup, a sugar, a sugar substitute, or some combination of these. Another reason it is called a soft drink is it contains no alcohol.
  • 1973 Singer Jim Croce, songwiter and musician Maury Muehleisen and four others die when their light aircraft crashes on takeoff at Natchitoches Regional Airport in Louisiana. James Joseph Croce (January 10, 1943 September 20, 1973) was an American folk and rock singer-songwriter. Between 1966 and 1973, Croce released five studio albums and numerous singles. His first two albums were commercially unsuccessful, failing to chart or produce any hit singles. During this period, Croce took a series of odd jobs to pay bills while he continued to write, record, and perform concerts. After forming a partnership with songwriter and guitarist Maury Muehleisen his fortunes turned in the early 1970s. His breakthrough came in 1972; his third album You Don't Mess Around with Jim produced three charting singles, including "Time in a Bottle," which reached No. 1 after his death. The follow-up album, Life and Times, contained the song "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown," which was the only No. 1 hit he had during his lifetime. On September 20, 1973, the day before the lead single to his fifth album, I Got a Name, was released, Croce, along with five others, was killed in a plane crash, at the height of his popularity. Croce's music continued to chart throughout the 1970s following his death. Croce and all five others on board were killed when their chartered Beechcraft E18S crashed into a tree during takeoff from the Natchitoches Regional Airport in Natchitoches, Louisiana, on their way Sherman, Texas, for a concert at Austin College. In a letter to his wife, Ingrid, which arrived after his death, Croce told her he had decided to quit music and stick to writing short stories and movie scripts as a career and withdraw from public life.